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Are you ready to dream of financial independence and supporting your family through an exciting, high-paying, high-growth career? Can you envision beginning your college journey right away in high school? Do you want to earn an Associate’s Degree or half of your Bachelor’s degree fully paid for by your high school by the time you graduate? Your journey begins now at Rise Early College High School!



Try all the colleges on for size! Take classes at two-year community colleges, medium-sized four-year state universities, and small, local private colleges. Experience dorm life and collegiate sporting events. Start classes with your high school peers on our campus and transition onto the college campuses with college students when you’re ready!


Try the pathways on for size! Experience the skills and content of the highest-paying career industries in the region, including Digital Media and Design, Business, and Healthcare. Step into an industry career making $50,000 or more right out of high school or go on to complete your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Change the financial wealth of your family forever!


Collect career certifications along the way that allow you to go right into the workforce upon graduation or continue on to earn your degree. Graduate high school with a diploma and a college degree in your hands at the same time! Get paid for your developing skills through internships as a junior and senior!

The newly transformed Rise Early College High School offers the only early college and career program for Digital Media and Design, Business, and Healthcare of its kind in the city of Springfield. Rise guarantees every student the opportunity to begin their college and career journey as a high school student in three distinct pathways and at multiple universities. As a result of this unprecedented opportunity, demand will be high and seats in each pathway will be limited!

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