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Calvin Carter  - Dean

Justin Cotton - Assistant Principal

Rowen McEnaney - Acting Assistant Principal

Tabatha Rivera-Earley - Director of Operations


Jerine Blissett -  Director of Operations


Christina Bromberg - Acting Assistant Principal


Tyeshia Weir - Acting Assistant Principal


Anna Breen


Erika Medina -  Principal Clerk


Scott Allison - Special Education


Jashua Baker - Behavior Interventionist


Greg Boisvert - Special Education


Matthew Borhanian - 7th Grade Science

Dacie Boyce - SEBS Coordinator


Robin Catwell - SEBS Support


Gauntlett Cephas - 8th Grade Math


Tylor Colby - 8th Grade ELA

Elisa Couture - 8th Grade Humanities


Venessa Diaz - Behavior Interventionist


Raven  Earls - 6th Grade Science


Hana Geissenhainer - 6th Grade Math

Leda Jaquin - 6th Grade ELA

Brenna Babineau - Culture Coordinator


Elanna Bellows - 11th ELA & AP Language


Nakeesha Charles - ESL


Jareliz Cordova - Graduation Support Coach


Shewa Dedeke - ESL


Gretchen Eisenman - 10th ELA


Ashley Gonzalez - Special Education (10th grade)


Kayla Hodge - Physics (Upper Class)


Sebastian Hurt - College Counselor


Rick Johnson - Admin of 9th grade Coordinated Care


Amy Kifer - Algebra 1 & Concepts

Kevin Joslyn - Counselor


Daisy Kabochi - Counselor


Sasha Klare-Ayvasian - Music

Leanne Korb - Special Education Coordinator


Ricardo Lawrence - SEBS Dean


Rachel Lawrence - Art


Cassandra Luthman - 7th Grade ELA

Devon  Lyon - 7th Grade ESL


Kealey Mahon - SEBS Support

Audrey Malloy - 8th Grade Science


Olivia Marran - 7th Grade Math

Sonia Martinez - SEBS Paraprofessional


Cheryl  Mock - SEBS Paraprofessional

Sasha Klare-Ayvasian  - Music

Katie Larkowski - 9th Grade Physics


Danielle Lawrence - Counselor


Rachel Lawrence - Art


Maria Lyon - Spanish


Mylaya Miller - 9th grade Student Family Coordinator


Veronica Morales - Algebra 2 & Precalculus


Shauna Mulligan - 12th ELA & AP Literature


Kissa Owens - Culture Coordinator


Jordan Page - Physical Education

Kelly Ndisanze - 7th Grade Humanities


Cameron Owens - Assistant Dean

Jordan Page - Physical Education

Katherine Page - Reading Specialist


Constance Polk - SEBS Paraprofessional


Efrain Ramirez - Assistant Dean


Cynthia Rodriguez - Special Education


Sara Ryan - SEBS Clinician


Victor Soto - 8th Grade ESOL

Cole Stuart - Physical Education


Beth Sylvester - Special Education


Sancha Taylor - Special Education

Nicole Picard - World History 1


Daniel Platt - Environmental Science

Adam Reid - US History


Cole Stuart - Physical Education


Casey Temple - Special Education (11th grade)


Julio Vergne - 9th Grade Counselor


Emmett Wald - Geometry


Victoria Warton - ELA Coach


Bertha Weche - Special Education (9th grade)


Sabrina Williams - Attendance Analyst


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