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The office of College & Career Readiness is dedicated to providing Rise Preparatory Academy

High School students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to not only be successful at Rise but, well after graduation. Our focus is to guide students into the path of their choice whether it be college or career by working with each student on their individualized plan for success. Students are given the opportunity to hear from schools across the country as they send their admissions counselors to Rise Prep to inform students on the opportunities that are available to them at their university. Furthermore, we have information on various colleges, vocational programs, military programs, and more to share with our students. We use the software program Naviance as a resource to inform students on career opportunities, pathways into careers, scholarships searches, and more. The office of College & Career also schedules tours to various universities in the New England area while also, working with community partners to provide students the opportunity to see universities well beyond Massachusetts. We bring in professionals from various career fields to speak with students to share direct insight on what it takes to be successful before and once, they enter those fields they may be interested in joining in the future. Our first graduating class of 2023, was just the tip of the iceberg with 87% of the class accepted into college and 100% having a post-secondary plan to either enter college, go to a trade school, or join the military. The class of 2023 was also awarded over $2,000,000 in scholarships & grants as well. Going forward, we are looking to continue the success of our past by finding ways to improve our College & Career readiness program so that our students are provided with more than adequate information, resources, and opportunities to be successful in their futures.

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