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Welcome to
Rise Academy
Middle School

Our Mission

Rise Academy will provide all of our students with an excellent public school in which students develop the academic knowledge and skills as well as character traits needed to graduate college, achieve their life goals, and become leaders in their community.

We believe that all students have the right to an excellent education, regardless of race, gender, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, language of origin, or disability. 

We will provide an excellent neighborhood school with high quality teaching to all of our students through a rigorous curriculum that allows students to make accelerated growth; high expectations for teaching, learning, and behavior; working in partnership with parents; and creating a joyful, inclusive learning environment.

We believe with access to an excellent education, students can close the achievement gap, have freedom of choice in their lives, and transform their communities. 

Our Core Values



We model excellence in our teaching, learning, and character.

We educate our students to become future leaders of their community who work toward social justice.



We find solutions even when problems seem impossible.  We are determined to succeed and not to give up.



We are constant learners and continually strive to get better.

We value every second of learning time as an opportunity to improve.



We create a welcoming environment for students, teachers, and families.  We make teaching and learning enjoyable so we can maximize our learning.

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