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MCAS  Schedule                                                                                     Helpful Tips

MCAS_Schedule .jpg
  • Make sure that your child is well rested and eats breakfast.

  • See that your child arrives at school on time and is relaxed.

  • Comfort counts: send a sweater if it’s a cool day, or dress in layers for a warm day.

  • Send along all the needed tools—sharpened pencils, pens, rulers, etc.

  • Encourage your child to do the best work possible and to have a positive attitude.

  • Encourage your child to listen/read carefully to all test-taking directions and to ask questions if any directions are unclear.

  • Remind your child not to get stuck on any one test question. Move on to other questions and return to the difficult one later.

  • Encourage your child to check answers for accuracy if time permits.

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