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Welcome to
Rise Preparatory 

High School

Our Mission

Rise Preparatory High School will provide all of our students with an excellent public school in which students develop the academic knowledge and skills as well as character traits needed to graduate college, achieve their life goals, and become leaders in their community.

We believe that all students have the right to an excellent education, regardless of race, gender, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, language of origin, or disability.

We will provide an excellent career and college preparatory high school with a rigorous curriculum that allows students to make accelerated growth through high expectations for teaching, learning, and behavior.  We will work in partnership with our students, their families, and community stakeholders to create an engaging learning environment that inspires our students’ passion for learning and leadership.

We believe with access to an excellent education, students can close the achievement gap, have freedom of choice in their lives, transform their communities, and have a positive impact on the world.

Our Core Values



Seek out mentors who know what you want to learn, and share your knowledge by being a mentor to others.  Speak your mind, and listen to the other members of the community when making critical decisions.



Value and respect the ways we are different, because diversity is a source of our strength.  Treat all members of our community with respect, and work to ensure that the rights of all are protected.  Strive to make our city and our world better.

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Reaching Potential 

Know that all of us have the ability to learn, grow, and achieve our goals in life.  Work hard, help each other, and don’t give up on your future.

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Take pride in the school community and have fun while learning.  Take opportunities to find and follow your passions in learning and in life.

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